We are specialists in data

We help build digital products to simplify our customers' lives.

We always look to the future and our work culture is based on the formation of excellent human teams, the delivery of a solid, quality and assertive service that seeks to understand the needs of customers by providing value based on knowledge and time to market.

We are convinced that working and leading with good talent is the way to create exponential value for clients in the construction of digital projects based on the application of methodology, knowledge and experience.

Salvatore Nasca

Solutions Architect

Ricardo del Rio

Data Engineer

José Aldunce

Software Engineer

Kranio Culture

We learn together, we complement each other when something exceeds us. We are 100% united in good times and bad.

Together we can face complex challenges , always seeking to simplify, analyze and act with creativity and methodology.

Large projects create value for the client by combining talent and process with relentless management.

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